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Tropical Breeze™ Pink/Purple

  • Release Date: May 2011

    With three exciting colors and innovative fragrances, the new Tropical Breezes are sure to appeal to bowlers of all skill levels. They all feature a proven Reactor™ reactive coverstock material that glides easily though the heads yet reacts down-lane to provide optimum pin carry.

    The polished pink and purple pearl combination is rich and vibrant. The other two color options, a black and teal solid and a kona blue and silver pearl, are also highly polished and equally impressive.

    But the new Tropical Breeze isn’t just eye candy. The Camber™ Core’s inverted light bulb shape has real substance. And as it provides more predictability and control than the Tropical Heat, it’s the perfect complement to the Tropical Line.

    Note that the new Tropical Breeze Pink/Purple supports our Think Pink campaign. You will notice that the pink ribbon is engraved on the ball, replacing the popular Eye of the Storm logo which indicates the center of gravity.

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  • Lbs. RG Diff. Weight Block
    16 2.57 0.009 Click to View Larger
    15 2.57 0.009 Click to View Larger
    14 2.57 0.013 Click to View Larger
    13 2.63 0.009 Click to View Larger
    12 2.63 0.011 Click to View Larger
    Reactor™ Pearl Reactive
    Weight Block:
    Camber™ Core
    Light Weight Block:
    Modified Camber™ Core
    Factory Finish:
    1500-grit Polished
    Ball Color:
    74-76 Rex D-scale
    Flare Potential:
    2” - 3” (Medium-Low)
    Birthday Cake
    10-16 lbs.
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