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  • Release Date: October 2014

    The Center of UNBRIDLED POWER

    Asymmetry is 'The Crux' 

    For eight years running now, more professionals have included Storm in their arsenal than any other brand. They want the same thing that all of us want, amateurs alike—superior performance. With strong, consistent motion and energy through the pins, Storm bowling balls are incomparable.

    The Catalyst™ Core is not only our latest groundbreaking technology, it is the sparkplug of this ball. It soon will be the stimulation of exceptional bowling. Its’ dynamic asymmetrical design will help you create more angle through the pocket. It’s been proven that increasing your entry-angle gives you a much wider margin for error that can lead to more strikes. Think Jason Belmonte or Pete Weber’s pin-action, you don't have to throw it like these pros but that is what you can expect from the Crux. 

    And the ERG™ hybrid reactive cover stock is prepped to a 3000-grit, so bowlers like yourself can be rest assured that the Crux has decisive performance.

    Storm – We are ‘The Bowler’s Company™’    


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  • Lbs. RG Diff. Interm. Diff. Weight Block
    16 2.50 0.051 0.016 Click to View Larger
    15 2.50 0.052 0.017 Click to View Larger
    14 2.54 0.050 0.015 Click to View Larger
    13 2.57 0.032 0.010 Click to View Larger
    12 2.59 0.029 0.008 Click to View Larger
    ERG™ Hybrid Reactive
    Weight Block:
    Catalyst™ Core
    Factory Finish:
    3000-grit Pad
    Ball Color:
    Purple Pearl/White Pearl/Black
    73-75 Rex D-scale
    Flare Potential:
    6” Plus (High)
    12-16 lbs.
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