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Burkins Bowling

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    In 2007, the Burkart and Wilkins families met because our children were both interested in bowling and joined the local Youth League.  Because our kids bowled together and had a great experience, our families quickly became friends. Four years later, our kids are in Middle and Elementary school and still love bowling.  We have a vested interest in providing a great bowling experience for the kids of the Tampa Bay area for the forseeable future!

    In 2009, we were elected to the Board of Directors for the Suncoast USBC Youth Association in West Pasco
    County, holding the positions of Vice President & President.  At that time, we decided that our primary goal
    was to bring good quality tournaments to the Association, pay out lots of scholarship money and most of all, have fun!

    We hosted four tournaments that season and paid out over $5,000 in scholarships!  We received many
    compliments from families who were very pleased with the ease of check-in, the transparency of scholarship payouts and rules and the atmosphere that we were able to create.

    In the summer of 2010, we decided that West Pasco isn't enough, we want to provide quality tournaments to kids throughout the Tampa Bay Area, so we founded Burkins Bowling.

    Most recently, we were asked to run the Saturday Morning Youth League at Lane Glo Bowl - we have a
    70-kid strong bowling league with great families joining us every Saturday morning!