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Amateur Bowler's Tour

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    The Amateur Bowlers Tour is the world's largest and oldest handicap amateur bowling tournament organization.  We have offered professionally ran bowling tournaments since 1977.  Over the past 37 years, we have had branches in several major metropolitan bowling cities in the U.S.  Nationwide, ABT has paid out over $215 million and along the way has paid guaranteed 1st place prizes as high as 100,000.00 which no other handicap tournament organization has ever paid out.  The ABT's history is deeply rooted in the amateur bowling community and continues to support and protect the integrity of the sport.
    The ABT currently has 21 branches with more than 25,000 active members.  Since opening in 1977, over 221,000 bowlers have paid membership fees to join and bowl in this club.  Our members are very loyal and very recpetive annd supportive of products and companies partnered with the ABT. The ABT is agressively expanding branch operations across the U.S. with intentions of doubling our current number of branches within the next 3 years.
    Looking into the future, the ABT is actively developing modernized tournament formats and philosophies while retaining its core values.  ABT's mission is to seek out new and innovative methods to protect, preserve and grow the sport of bowling. 
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