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Bowling News USA - April 14, 2014 Storm Testimonial - Jay Moorefield


Dear Storm,

I wanted to take some time and to express my love for your company. I am a 15-year-old freshman in high school and currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Your bowling balls are the best around. I have started using Storm ever since I picked up my first one. A few months ago I was in need of a good strong bowling ball. I was contemplating on a couple of brands to buy from; Storm, Motiv and DV8. My league commissioner overheard me talking and he let me try out his son's Storm bowling ball. He highly recommended Storm to me and after trying out his ball, I fell in love. I started to use it in my high school bowling matches and constantly shot over my average. I even succeeded in shooting my highest game yet, 259. This ball offered me a predictable, smooth reaction that had hard hitting power. Unfortunately, I had to give the ball back since it was also his son's favorite ball.

Those few weeks with the ball gave me confidence bowling and made me a loyal Storm customer as of today. Whenever I look to get a new ball, I look at Storm first. I have been asked who are the better companies to get a well made bowling ball from and I always say Storm before anyone else. When I show up at the bowling alley, the first thing out of the bag is Storm. Thank you guys for all that you do. The time you guys spend researching and making the equipment really show through your products.

I recommend Storm to everyone I can. To have something to show my love for the company really would be amazing. I look forward spreading the Storm name around and will always continue doing business with you guys.

Storm Nation!

Jay Moorefield

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April, 2014