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Bowling News USA - April 1, 2014 Hall of Famer Bob Hart Celebrates 100,000 Pins at USBC Open Championships

(Watch the historic shot and presentation at 2:23:00)

USBC Hall of Famer Bob Hart of Suwanee, Georgia has become the 14th bowler ever to eclipse the 100,000 pin mark at the USBC Open Championships Tournament. Hart accomplished the feat in the thrid game of his team event Tuesday at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

A large group of Storm well wishers were in attendance to root Hart on including Storm owners Bill and Barbara Chrisman.

"I am very honored," said Hart after being presented a crystal pin by USBC officials. "My people are here and this could not have been any better. Thank you everyone, very much."

Hart was competing in his 58th USBC Tournament and bowled 561 in his team event.

Stay posted to Storm Enews for the entire story and video highlights from Reno.

USBC Tournament 100,000-Pin Club

1. Joseph Norris, San Diego, 123,770
2. Bill Lillard Sr., Houston, 121,434
3. Jimmy Schroeder, Tonawanda, N.Y., 115,397
4. Glenn Allison, Anaheim, Calif., 112,723
5. Sylvester Thiel, Lake City, Minn., 112,385
6, Don Ellis, Sugar Land, Texas, 111,872
7. Dick Weber, St. Louis, 109,745
8. Bill Doehrman, Fort Wayne, Ind., 109,566
9. Les Zikes, Palatine, Ill., 106,219
10. Anthony Malone, Erie, Pa., 105,743
11. Frank Carr, Fort Wayne, Ind., 102,651
12. Greg Griffo, Syracuse, N.Y., 102,483
13. Leslie Berry, Wooster, Ohio, 100,528
14. Robert Hart Sr., Suwanee, Ga., 100,089

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