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Bowling News USA - February 13, 2014 Storm Products Announces Strategic Realignments, Hirings


Brigham City, UT - Storm Products Inc., has announced a strategic realignment within their Sales and Marketing Divsions. Effective immediately, Roger Noordhoek has been named Vice President of Marketing. Noordhoek will oversee the marketing and advertising efforts for Storm Products, Inc. Hank Boomershine previously managed the Sales and Marketing Division and now will focus his efforts in the Sales Division as the Vice President of Sales.

"Roger has continued to grow as a leader, much through the mentorship of Hank, and has shown he is very capable of leading the marketing team," said Dave Symes, Storm President. "This adjustment allows Hank more time to concentrate on product development and our sales efforts to continue to grow the business."

"With the tremendous growth of Storm Products over the years and the addition of more personnel, it was a much needed realignment in our organization," said Boomershine. "Roger has been an integral part of our success and is well deserving of his new role. We look forward to the diversification of our brands moving forward."

“It has been a pleasure working with everyone at Storm, especially Hank, since he gave me the opportunity to work with him at Roto Grip in 2002.” said Noordhoek. “Storm is an amazing company to work for that believes in promoting within, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help and support. I’m looking forward to working along-side Hank and the sales team to accomplish our progressive goals and initiatives.” added Noordhoek.

The Storm Sales Division has also announced the departure of Midwest Regional Sales Manager Chris Sand. After nine years of great service to the company, Sand has accepted a senior level position with Turbo Grips of Chesterfield, Michigan.

"Chris has been a vital part of the success of our company over the last nine years," said Boomershine. "He is a great friend and brother in arms to all of us. He will be sorely missed."

With the departure of Sand and the vacancy made available, Storm welcomes back Doene Moos to the sales team. Moos' previous twelve years of experience with Storm will provide a seamless transition.

"We are glad to have Doene back on the team," said Boomershine. "Doene's work ethic and talents made him one of the top representative's at Storm Products. It is nice to have him back with the family."

Moos will be handling the following territories in the Midwest and Canada (Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio, Northern Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario).

Storm Products is pleased to announce the addition of Tavio Sawyer as their new Director of Brand Advertising. Sawyer previously was Creative Director at AFX Creates, a Seattle, Washington advertising agency. AFX Creates worked with Storm Products since 1998 to help develop their branding, visual aspects, website, and product campaigns.

“It is my privilege to be working at Storm," said Sawyer. "Through the years I have helped develop what the brand is today. Having the ability to work directly inside the organization instead of as an outside agency strengthens our creative development and streamlines our advertising process. We have an ambitious agenda for growing our brand; which I am excited to be a part of. I believe we have a top notch team of dedicated professionals that will not just taking bowling, but the world by Storm."

“Tavio and I have worked together for numerous years, and he still amazes me." said Noordhoek. "Moving forward without him wouldn’t be the same, and I’m really excited he accepted this position."

Sawyer will be responsible for continuing to develop Storm’s branding, visual aspects, website, and product campaigns along with managing the efforts of Storm’s new advertising agency, Epic Creative.

Mike Flanagan has been named Storm Products Director of Public Relations, and Chris Schlemer has been promoted from Marketing Manager to Brand Manager of Roto Grip.

Flanagan will oversee Storm and Roto Grip’s growing staff of bowlers. He’ll also be responsible for the company’s social media efforts, and live video streaming. “Mike has been such a great addition to our group, and his creative mind has really helped to energize the team in to trying some new ideas.” said Noordhoek.

Schlemer will continue in his role at Roto Grip of developing a solid product line with the product development team, as well as overseeing all of its marketing and advertising efforts for the Roto Grip brand.

“Chris has been very valuable at Storm Products, and worn many hats over the years," said Noordhoek. "His drive and ambition has excelled him to this position. He’s done a great job with the Roto Grip brand.” 

In 2011, Epic Creative was brought on to assist with Storm and Roto Grip’s social media efforts, and soon after, the advertising for the Roto Grip brand. Epic has demonstrated strength and commitment to bowling and Storm Products, therefore moving forward in 2014, they will be responsible for all of Storm and Roto Grip’s advertising.

“I am thrilled and honored to be representing such an iconic brand in bowling,” says Jim Becker, President and CEO of EPIC Creative. “As a lifelong bowler and fan of the sport, I am pretty excited to be a part of this – and to be working with awesome people, especially Bill and Barbara Chrisman."

“It is exciting for me to be remain involved in the bowling industry by working with the leaders in the industry,” said Jan Schmidt, Director of Client Services at EPIC Creative and former USBC Queens champion. “We feel at home working with Storm and Roto Grip; Great people and solid values, it's a perfect partnership.” 

For more information about Storm Products, visit, and to learn about new career opportunities, visit the company’s careers section at

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance bowling equipment, featuring the Storm, Roto Grip, and Master brand names.

About EPIC Creative

EPIC Creative is a full-service advertising agency providing brand strategy, graphic design, public relations, website design and development, web and search marketing, social media, video, animation and photography services. For more information, visit:


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