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Bowling News USA - November 23, 2013 Aviram, Lagrange Champions of 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

Or Aviram became the first Israeli bowler to win a Bowling World Cup title when he defeated Guy Caminsky of South Africa, two-games-to-one, in the men's title match of the 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup Saturday afternoon at Sharovaya Molniya bowling center in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. 

Aviram, who had a career-high finish of second (2005; Ljubljana, Slovenia), defeated Alexei Parshukov of the host country Russia, in the best-of-three games format in two games, 213-171 and 220-205, for the right to bowl tournament leader Caminsky for the title. 

The first game was a strike fest in which Aviram emerged the winner, 279-245. Caminsky, who had a high finish of fifth in the 2000 BWC in Lisbon, Portugal, rebounded with a 277-214 win in game two to level the match and to force a decider. 

Aviram, who won the European Champions Cup in 2006 for his biggest individual title so far, posted another big game while the South African struggled to win the game and the match, 258-182. 

Earlier today, Caminsky defeated Parshukov in round robin match play in the position round (game 40), 212-200, to beat out the Russian for the top spot in the stepladder finals by one pin, 9732 to 9731. Aviram was further 16 pins behind to take the third and last spot with 9715. 

John Szczerbinski, United States, missed the cut by 58 pins with 9657 finishing fourth like his team mate Danielle McEwan in the women's division. With two fourth places, the USA has won the Bent Petersen trophy for top country in the 49th World Cup (pictured L-R McEwan, Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross and Szczerbisnki). 

Peter Hellström of Sweden, who has led the men's division after each qualifying round and the Round of 24, slipped all the way out of the top 3 in Round Robin to finish fifth with 9637. 

Caroline Lagrange of Canada went wire-to-wire at the 49th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup capturing her second World Cup title Saturday at Sharovaya Molniya Bowling Center in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. 

Lagrange, who won her first World Cup in Melaka, Malaysia, in 2009, defeated Cherie Tan (right) of Singapore in the title match in best-of-three games format, two-games-to-one. 

Lagrange struck nine times in the first game to take a 1-0 lead, 242-207. In the second game, Lagrange failed to convert a 2-7-8 split in the ninth frame and Tan took advantage and went off the sheet for a 247-212 win to force a deciding third game. 

The third game was close throughout. Finishing first, Lagrange had two chances to shut out the Tan, but missed both. Working on three strikes it must have felt like deja-vu for the Canadian, as she left another 2-7-8 split, but this time, she was able to convert it. 

Leading by three pins heading into the frame, Lagrange got only the first strike and finished with 9-miss for 215. 

Lefty Tan got up and needed a doubles and three pins to win back-to-back women's titles for Singapore after Shayna Ng's win in 2012. She struck on her first ball but left a 7-pin on the second which sealed her fate. 

In the opening match, Tan swept two-time World Cup champion Aumi Guerra of the Dominican Republic, 2-0. Guerra has won the titles in 2010 and 2011 and finished second to Ng last year, had to settle for third place. 

Lagrange is the fifth women who has won multiple World Cup titles after Janette Baker, Australia (1982 & 1983), Pauline Smith, England (1981 & 1993), Shannon Pluhowsky, United States (2002 & 2004) and Guerra. 

Lagrange averaged 233.13 this morning in round robin match play and won seven of her eight matches to easily earn the No. 1 seed with 9884 total including 210 bonus (30 per win) and an overall average of 241.85 over 40 games. 

Guerra, who averaged 229.25 and had a 4-4 match record, had a 299 in game 37 to miss her first 300 game in a World Cup and the 17th this year by one pin. Guerra earned the No. 2 seed for the stepladder finals with 9643 total, 272 pins ahead of Tan. 

The Singaporean had the highest average of 234.75 today and went 4-4 in match play to beat out Team USA's Danielle McEwan for the third and last place to advance by 66 pins, 9371 to 9305. McEwan finished fourth as she did in Wroclaw, Poland, last year. 


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