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Bowling News USA - November 19, 2013 Happy Birthday Hy-Road!

 Happy Birthday Hy-Road!

On Wednesday, November 20th, Storm will be celebrating the 5th birthday of the Hy-Road complete with a Hy-Road designed birthday cake. The party is taking place where it all began, Storm headquarters, located in Brigham City, UT.  

The Hy-Road was 'born' on November 20th, 2008. In the 'modern ball' era, no other bowling ball does what the Hy-Road does!

The Hy-Road is a descendant of the Storm Thunder Line of bowling balls. As Storm's original top performance line, Thunder Line balls utilize core technology proven effective for years. Even with the ever changing climate of surface and lane conditions, performance of balls in this line continues at the highest levels of competition around the world. In fact, the Hy-Road has won more national PBA titles, than any ball in the history of the company.

And it's still winning!

"The fact that the Hy-Road has been in production for five years is really a phenomenon," said Louie Wemett, Storm Communications Manager. "Bowling balls come and go but everyone remembers their first Hy-Road. It is still one of the most successful balls on the PBA Tour. Astonishing!"

Be sure and watch the Hy-Road in action on the 2013 PBA World Series of Bowling V telecasts, beginning December 1, 2013 on ESPN!

To celebrate, Storm is declaring November 20th "Bring Your Hy-Road To Work" day. Storm will be giving away three (3) Hy-Road Pearl's to the most creative pictures posted on our facebook page at Check it out!

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