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Bowling News USA - September 27, 2013 Jim Dressel Pens Final Column for Bowlers Journal

Jim Dressel, the 'Dean' of Bowlers Journal columists, has announced his retirement.

Dressel began his bowling writing career in 1967, when he became editor of the New Jersey based Kegler Publications, which was owned by High Roller tournament creator Norm Edelman.

Dressel became Bowlers Journal managing editor in 1975. His "Bowlitically Incorrect" was just one of the monthly columns enjoyed throughout the years, by bowlers all over the world.

Dressel's 'no holes barred' style was well known throughout the industry.

"It has been a nice run, but at the outset, some said I wouldn't last two months with Bowlers Journal....and these supposedly were my friends," wrote Dressel in his final column.

Dressel interviewed more than 400 bowling industry people over his 38 year career and has over 30 national writing awards. He is a member of the bowling writers Hall of Fame.

"Dressel was much more than a mere editor," wrote Stars and Strikes Publisher Jim Goodwin. "He was the hardest working writer in the industry, an honest watchdog for the sport and business, and a guy who truly respected the game and millions who make it the best sport and business in the world."



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