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Bowling News USA - July 17, 2013 Ken Yokobosky Growing The Sport!

Did you know?  As if Ken Yokobosky, Former Team USA Bowling Gold Level Coach, PBA Champion, and Storm Staff Member, didn’t have enough to do, especially recently preparing for Bowling Boot Camp, he took time in March to integrate an in-school program at the Fredon Elementary School, Fredon Township, Newton.

Ken said, “Lisa Trusa, Physical Education teacher, transformed her gym into 14 bowling lanes. She set up full-sized plastic pins complete with pin-spots on the floor. Gym mats surrounded the pins creating individual lanes.

“I was asked to visit the students and help teach the basics of the game. I think it is amazing that Mrs. Trusa incorporated bowling into her program. She is very knowledgeable about the game herself. I am honored that she asked me to assist.  More people bowl each year than participate in any other sport. High School bowling is on the rise. I have seen several students receive full bowling scholarships to college, including Ivy League schools.

“As the students entered the gym, their faces lit up when they saw the pins. It was exciting to see their enthusiasm. I never experienced bowling in gym class when I went to elementary school.”

Students were taught the proper grip, approach, bowling basics, and scoring. The bowling ran for two weeks and is now offered every other year. Coach Ken brought his display of Storm balls that he uses in Professional competition. One of the unique features of the Storm brand balls is the distinctive fragrance embedded in each. Would you believe Storm features 40 scents, from their original green apple and citrus in 2000, to chocolate, lemonade, and amaretto? As an added activity to the program, Yokobosky had the students guess what each fragrance that he uses was. 

To find out how to add this to your school (or youth center), contact Coach Ken at:

If you are in a tournament or league today and don’t do well, you can blame the full moon. Why not? Many bowlers love to do the “blame game” instead of analyzing their game or practicing. So add this to the list!

(courtesy: Joan Taylor

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