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Bowling News USA - March 29, 2013 The Fate and Destiny of Pete Weber by Louie Wemett

Fate and Destiny. Two words probably over used in the sporting world. But one can't deny the power of their meaning.

And so it was that the words fate and destiny danced in my mind on Friday morning, as I watched The Bowler go about his business.

The ageless one, Pete Weber, looked a bit creaky. 

The 50-year-old had just shot 186 and it looked like bowling's bash brothers (Jason Belmonte and Osku Palermaa) were taking over. The two-handed tandem were slashing racks and splattering pins all over the PBA (Barbasol) Tournament of Champions lane beds.


I had just texted my fellow Storm Trooper Roger Noordhoek, that it looked like we (Storm) were a lock for one-two on the show and Pete was trying to hang on.

How dare I.

As I entered the PBA Player's Lounge at Woodland Bowl, I came across a small area dedicated to the memory of the late, great, Dick Weber.

It was at that moment that it hit me like a ball nailing me in the head thrown by Osku...

This was Weber sacred ground.

Before Dick Weber made Florissant, Missouri famous, he called Indianapolis home. This was Weber home turf...Weber Country, if you will.

The Bowler named Pete won two of his major titles – the 1991 U.S. Open and 1992 Touring Players Championship – at Woodland Bowl...and where the eagle flew off that U.S Open trophy.

The Bowler named Pete came back the next game and took over the lead.

The Bowler named Pete, with the greatest release, the greatest touch, and the greatest game was floating his Storm Hy-Road and Gold ball down the Woodland Bowl lanes with the slightest of ease.

Laughing in the face of father time..with a crotch chop to boot..

Mixing it up with power players almost half his age and giving them all a glimpse of the prowness of fate and destiny.

A win Sunday will mean Weber will tie Earl Anthony for the most (10) Professional Bowlers Association major titles won. 

A win Sunday will be Weber's 37th overall title and will tie Norm Duke for third place on the career titles list.

A win Sunday will be the second time Weber will have won bowling's triple crown.

Imagine if Babe Ruth had a son, and that son went on to break almost every record that Babe Ruth had. That is what Pete Weber has done.

And granted, the road has been a bit twisted at times. (For the record, Pete has been sober for several months and his bowling has reflected it.)

Despite all the ups and downs, the glory and the mayhem, fate and destiny have treated The Bowler rather well.

One should never mess with fate and destiny. Don't ponder it, don't analyse it, and don't over think it.

Just let it be.

 On March 31st, Easter Sunday 2013, tune into ESPN and watch Peter David Weber let it be.



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