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Bowling News USA - March 14, 2013 Kloempken - Special Assignment Singapore

Storm's Steve Kloempken is heading to Singapore March 15th – 20th, for a special assigment with the Singapore Bowling Federation. Kloempken is conducting a seminar for the federation's coaches to better understand bowling ball coverstock technology, surface preparation, the Storm Vector Layout System™, and more.
Kloempken, Storm's Technical Director, will be working with the Singapore men’s and women’s national team members to further educate them on oil patterns, matching up layouts, and building the proper arsenal.
In the past, Kloempken has worked with the Korean national team with many positive results on the world stage.
"I look forward to helping the Singapore national team prepare for the upcoming World Championships in August and East Asian Games in October," said Kloempken.

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