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Bowling News USA - March 12, 2013 Harn-Chieh Kwan 'SYNC's' 6th Mutze-Derby in Switzerland

Swiss national team member Harn-Chieh Kwan (pictured) of Zurich saved his best for last, defeating Eric Bezuchet, 300-169, to win the 6th Mutze-Derby Sunday, March 10, at Timeout Bowling in Spiez, Switzerland.

Kwan used the Storm SYNC™ for the victory.

It was the second perfecto of the tournament for "HCK", who shot the first in his 1969 eight-game block to dominate qualifying. With an average of 246.13, Kwan outaveraged his nearest competitor by almost 40 pins.

The top eight qualifiers rolled another four games in the semifinal round with 50 per cent of the qualifying total carried over. Kwan easily maintained his lead with an 862 set and 1847 overall to earn the No. 1 seed for the stepladder finals.

In the opening match of the four-player shootout, No 4 Göran Persson flew pastMarc Jörg, seeded third, 203-161, to meet second-seeded Bezuchet in the semifinal. Bezuchet was able to weather the challenge, 223-213, to take on Kwan for the title.

Kwan, who won the Swiss Team Championship with Team Messenger  at the same venue the week before, put the match away well before the final frame and went off the sheets for a 131-pin victory.


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