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Bowling News USA - January 16, 2013 The Storm SYNC™ with Leanne Hulsenberg and Steve Kloempken

Release Date: February 5th

Starting at the center, Storm’s technical team incorporated our strongest asymmetrical design to date, a shape with .028 intermediate differential, known as the G2™ core. Why G2? Because it’s the second generation of our Shape-Lock™ HD core which powered the original Virtual Gravity™!

Based on proven principles, this new shape creates the optimum ball motion throughout the midlane, at the break point, and through the pins. Put it all together and you have one seriously powerful piece of equipment that is a MUST HAVE for every bowler looking to score better.

For the cover, we involved nanotechnology to create premium traction in oil. In fact, NRG™ creates 15% moresurface roughness that only increase over time. You might remember how nanotechnology allows for peaks to be created on the sides of other peaks? Well, it’s the real deal, and you’ll see the difference the moment you step up on the lanes. 

The new SYNC by Storm – sure to help you “sync” up your game so you can bowl your best!

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January, 2013