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Bowling News USA - December 16, 2012 "Gold Ball" Sweeping The Nation...And The Pins by Jeff Richgels

The gold ball — Storm's new IQ™ TOUR PEARL — was golden for our Storm Nation team at the Henry Hitter 3-Man Tournament at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes (Madison, WI) on Saturday.

Derek Eoff, Mike Steil and myself used the new nugget almost exclusively — Steil used a MODERN MARVEL about half of the day — in winning the $1,800 first prize.

(Mike Steil, Jeff Richgels, Derek Eoff)

The day just confirmed what I said in my review of the IQ TOUR PEARL: that it may be one of the greatest house shot balls ever.

The IQ TOUR PEARL rolls stronger than any pearl ball I've ever thrown, but it's fairly controllable for me so long as I have some oil to work off of, and it goes through the pins so well it's sick.

I started playing fairly direct in the track and ended crossing near 20-board at the arrows trying to get it to about 10 at the breakpoint. The dig-out 10-pins are the most notable thing about the IQ TOUR PEARL.

In the four games of qualifying we totaled 2,816 with Eoff at 1,027 (248-257-278-244), me at 944 (203-268-235-238) and Steil at 845 (198-239-196-212).

Steil and I struggled with transition the first game and Steil, who throws it even slower than me, had some carry issues due to the angles the IQ TOUR PEARL forced him into, which is why he eventually switched to the MODERN MARVEL.

The Henry Hitter again was sold out at 40 teams and the cut to the top 16 was Color of Money at 2,645, down about 50 pins from last year's record cut.

Mark Henry said he would send me the full results this week and I will add them after he does.

I do have the scores from our matches.

We easily could have lost the first match as we were down more than 50 pins halfway through it before rallying.

We shot 741 (Derek 269, Mike 244, me 228) to the 703 of Mike Hoffman (264), Jim Ring (224) and Jeff Barsness (215).

In the second match, we shot 693 (me 259, Derek 224, Mike 210) to the 665 of Dave Wiverstad (244), Nate Sime (222) and Greg Williams (199).

We easily could have lost that match as well as they suffered some terrible breaks, including a pair of pocket 7-10s for Williams, one of which he made — the first such conversion in the history of the Henry Hitter.

In the semifinals, we shot 744 (Derek 279, me 238, Mike 227) to the 609 of Brian Hoffman (249), Heath Haug (185) and Ken Duffield (175).

In the title match, we bowled the 16 seed Color of Money team and we caught a pair that fit us perfectly. In fact, we had a shot for all games in the 270s heading into the 10th frame.

We ended with 779 (me 267, Derek 257, Mike 255) to the 608 of Arick Ecker (236), Drew Stauffacher (187) and Kyle Sullivan (185).

Becky James was awarded the Darold Meisel Sportsmanship Award.



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