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Bowling News USA - November 30, 2012 48th Bowling World Cup Update...Guerra Lights It Up with Marvel Pearl...Storm's Kirsten Penny Second

(Aumi Guerra)

Mykhaylo Kalika Fires 300 With The Lucid...

Two-time defending champion Aumi Guerra of the Dominican Republic used a Storm Marvel™ Pearl for high games of 289, 288 and 279 for the field-best 1932 series, an average of 241.50, to hold on to third place with 6442 (230.07) at the 48th Bowling World Cup.

"A roller coaster day to say the least," said Guerra's coach Craig Woodhouse. "Started out in trouble with the IQ but in that balls defense, the pair was a nightmare. Anyway 171 first game...then game 2 tried the Fringe staying to the right and playing them straighter as the straight girls seemed to have a better look....not much better.....ended the second game with 3 in the tenth using the Marvel Pearl (30x5x30) for 191. Then all hell broke three moved left alot and shot 279, 245, 288, 289, 243, 224 to end the day. Moved back into third when it was over only 30 out of second and 50 out of first. The really good news is we have 170 pin lead over the show is looking good especially if this ball works tomorrow. Eight more games of matchplay then top 3."


Qualifying leader Shayna Ng of Singapore refused to fall during the eight-game Round of 24 en route to lead the top eight players into Saturday's round robin match play at Sky Bowling Center in Wroclaw, Poland.

Ng averaged 229 and posted the third-best 1832 series to maintain her lead with 6491 total and an average of 231.84 for 28 games. 

 (Kirsten Penny)

Storm staffer Kirsten Penny of England, a multiple world and European champion, finished her set with 248, 289 and 232 for the second-best 1903 to narrow the gap to Ng to 29 pins. Penny, who sits in second place for the fifth consecutive round, totaled 6463 (230.82). 

There was a bigger gap between third and fourth place. Two-time European champion Rebecka Larsen of Sweden started her 1803 series (225.38) with six games between 212 and 268 but finished with back-to-back 190s to fall 170 pins behind Guerra with 6272 (224.00). 

Team USA's Danielle McEwan, who rolled the tournament's lone 300 game in qualifying, leaped one spot to fifth place with 6239 (222.82). There is also a bigger gap between McEwan and sixth place Krista Pöllänen (right) of Finland. 

The World Games champion finished her 17778 series with a 250 game to move into sixth place with 6162 (220.17) just ten pins ahead of Janine Gabel who fell from fifth to seventh place with 6152 (219.71). 

The only player, who moved into the top eight in the Round of 24 was Malaysia's Sin Li Jane, who used a high game of 279 for 1798 (224.75) to leap from 10th to 8th place with 6099 and an overall average of 217.83. 

Sin Li's feat came at the expense of Norway's Heidi Thorstensen, who fell from eighth to ninth place with 6017 (214.89). 

The top 8 women will return on Saturday for round robin match play starting at 8 a.m. CET with the pinfall total being carried forward. The top three will bowl for title in the stepladder finals on Saturday afternoon.

Marshall Kent of the United States averaged 234.25 over eight games in the men's round of 24 to easily maintain the pole position.

The last Americans, who won the World Cup were Derek Eoff in Hermosillo, Mexico (2008) and Bill Hoffman in St. Petersburg, Russia (2007). 

Hareb Al-Mansoori UAE, stayed in second position with 6403 (228.68) closing out his 1827 set with 220, 257 and 246. 

(Andres Gomez)

Also holding his position was PBA champ and Storm staffer Andres Gomez of Colombia, who had an 1879 series and finished mere 22 pins behind in third place with 6381 (227.89). Gomez came out of the gates quickly and tied Al-Mansoori after 25 games at 5680. The Arab pulled away in the next two games and Gomez' 287 final game came too late.

(Coach Ron Hatfield, Mykhaylo Kalika)

However, Gomez has a 137-pin buffer over fellow Storm staffer Mykhaylo Kalika (pictured with gold level coach, Ron Hatfield) of Ukraine, who produced one of the day's top highlights in game #26 by recording the second 300 game of the tournament (Danielle McEwan, USA, rolled the first) and the 51st in the World Cup history.

Kalika used a Storm Lucid for the perfect game.

The 2012 QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup will be held from Nov. 26 to Dec 1 at 24-lane Sky Bowling Center in Wroclaw, Poland. It marks the first time since its inception in 1965 in Dublin, Ireland that the BWC visits Poland. 

151 players, 82 men and 69 women, representing 84 countriesparticipate in the 48th edition of the event. The men were split into three squads (A, B and C) while the women's division features two squads (A and B). 

All players will bowl four five-game blocks of qualifying over four days beginning Monday, Nov. 26. The women's squads are sandwiched between the men's squads. After 20 games, the field will be cut to the top 24 for eight additional games on Friday, Nov. 30.

The top eight men and the top 8 women after 28 games advance to eight games round robin match play Saturday morning, Dec. 1, where the field will be paired down to the top three for the stepladder finals starting at 1 p.m. CET (7 a.m. EST).

(courtesy:, Wes Pye) 


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