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Bowling News USA - November 7, 2012 Storm Celebrates The Hy-Road's Fourth Birthday

The Storm Hy-Road is preparing to celebrate its fourth year in the product line. On November 20, 2012, Storm will be celebrating the "birthday" of the Hy-Road, complete with a Hy-Road designed birthday cake. The party will take place where it all began, Storm headquarters, located in Brigham City, UT. Make sure to visit to see pictures of the extravaganza!

In an era where new bowling balls are delivered to the masses quite often, the Hy-Road continues to be successful and win tournaments. Since its release, the Hy-Road has won more PBA titles than any other ball in the industry and has been used for more wins than any other ball in Storm history.


The Hy-Road is a constant in the bags of bowlers all over the world. The R2S™ Hybrid coverstock and inverted Fe² Technology™ weightblock are proven winners.

"In this day and age, for a ball to be in the line for four years is unbelievable," said Storm CEO Bill Chrisman. "It is an example of the quality workmanship and passion from our people."




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