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Bowling News USA - August 27, 2012 A Tribute to Dr. Enrique C. Yap by Johnson Cheng

(The late Dr. Enrique C. Yap)

What do you say about a man who did so much for so many people, but never wanted to be recognized? Dr. Enrique Yap was such a man. Ahing, as he was known to his family and close friends, did not get recognized for how much he helped individuals and the growth of sport bowling in the Philippines. That is because Ahing just liked to be in the background. He was the Vice Chairman of the Euro-Med Laboratories, a major sponsor of the Euro-Med Storm International Masters Challenge and PBAP Bevida-Storm International Classic. He was also responsible for sending six individuals (I coached on the Philippine National squad) to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in a couple of international tournaments. This aided international exposure which helped the bowlers to become world champions for the Philippines. For the other national bowlers and national youth bowlers, (through the help of Ahing, Mr. Bill Chrisman and Mr. Robert Dong of Storm Products), I was able to secure equipment that was sponsored to the national, national youth, and developmental pool. The equipment helped in the growth of bowling in the Philippines and in the success of the national team, in terms of medals garnered through out my coaching career in this country.

Ahing created a scratch league for open bowlers called the Euro-Med League. This league was unique in that bowlers competed on different lane patterns weekly to allow the national and aspiring national bowlers to compete on different international sanctioned patterns. Dr. Yapp's thoughts were: since most bowlers could not afford to go abroad to compete and see these various lane patterns, why not create a league that would allow the local bowlers to experience the patterns in a competitive environment? Ahing felt a need to get more people involved in leagues and started sponsoring teams made up of national bowlers, socialites, and novice bowlers. He wanted new bowlers to experience the game and created a broader base for the sport in the Phillipines.

Enrique started bowling because he felt it was a form of exercise. He was able to lose over 20 pounds through bowling. He used two sets of balls on a pair of lanes and bowled (not waiting for the ball to come back on the ball return.) It was sort of like speed bowling and was definitely effective for him. This got Ahing interested in the science of the sport and into tenpin bowling.

Ahing even became an unofficial team manager to the national squad. Some of the national bowlers who did not have sponsors tapped him to become their sponsor, to which he happily obliged.

Through his partnership with Mr. Chrisman and Robert Dong, the Euro-Med Storm International Masters Challenge and PBAP Bevida-Storm International Classic, had two permanent, benevolent sponsors. There were many more charity works that Ahing was involved in. He chose to not be recognized as he was a very humble man who did not crave attention.

Ahing was a very successful and respected entrepreneur in the business world. He was well loved, not only by his family and friends, but also by his colleagues and those who worked for him. This was evident by the people who came to his wake. It is so unfortunate that he passed away at such an early age. He returned to be with the creator at the young age of 61. He will truly be missed. 

Thank you for being a great friend. Thanks for all the support and help you have given all of us. Thank you for giving us all a chance to know the man and the person we lovingly call Ahing. Thank you for the memories. RIP Dr. Enrique C.Yap.

(Editor's note: Johnson Cheng is the owner of the Eurodex Company, an exclusive distributor partner of Storm and Roto Grip based in Manilla, Philippines.)

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August, 2012