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Bowling News USA - May 15, 2012 Andres, Paola Gomez Storm PABCON

The final day of the 2012 Pan American Bowling Confederation Champion of Champions belonged to countries from South America as Venezuela took the Mixed Doubles gold, while Colombia swept the Individual Masters titles.

Colombia's Paola Gomez knocked off Johnson for the Women's Masters title, while her brother, Storm International star Andres Gomez, defeated Canada's Dan MacLelland to take the Men's Masters gold.

The brother and sister team both used Roto Grip Outlaw's™ on the medium pattern. Andres used a Storm Natural™ Pearl on the short pattern while Paola used a Bandit™.

Venezuela's Amleto Monacelli and Karen Marcano defeated Team USA's Steve Smith and Liz Johnson, 493-409, to win the Mixed Doubles Masters at the Kegel Training Center in Lakes Wales, Fla.

Colombia's Paola Gomez knocked off Johnson for the Women's Masters title, while her brother, Andres Gomez defeated Canada's Dan MacLelland to take the Men's Masters gold.

In the Mixed Doubles championship match, Team USA got off to a slow start and never recovered in earning the silver medal. Monacelli fired a 259 game, while Marcano (left) had 234 in the winning effort. Johnson shot 239 and Smith had 170 for Team USA.

"We just fell short in the final matches," Team USA assistant coach Kim Terrell-Kearney said. "Looking back, I don't think we would do a whole lot differently. Sometimes you just get beat."

Paola Gomez came out strong against Johnson in the Women's Masters title match and cruised to a 246-216 victory. In the Men's Masters title match, Andres Gomez took down MacLelland, 236-209. The losers in the championship matches took silver medals.

In the Mixed Doubles semifinals, Venezuela defeated Brazil, 427-405, while Team USA knocked off Puerto Rico, 514-416. Brazil and Puerto Rico shared the bronze medal.

Andres Gomez barely survived in the men's semifinals, defeating Brazil's Singles and All Events gold medalistMarcelo Suartz, 245-244, while MacLelland advanced 279-217 over Amleto Monacelli.

Johnson, who almost achieved perfection in the quarterfinal eliminating Neishka Cardona, Puerto Rico, 298-190, defeated Guatemala's Sophia Granda, 258-234, while Paola Gomez knocked off Karen Marcano, 213-176, in the women's semifinals. All semifinal losers shared bronze medals.

A total of 18 countries are represented in the PABCON Champion of Champions, which features one man and one woman from each country. Medals have been awarded in Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Mixed Doubles, Men's All Events, Women's All Events, National All Events, Women's Masters, Men's Masters and Mixed Doubles Masters.

Team USA led the medal tally with four gold and two silver medals. Colombia was second earning medals in all but one discipline. Seven out of the 18 countries shared the medals. 


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