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Bowling News USA - September 1, 2011 Pedersen, On the Mend...Eyes Comeback

Storm's Randy Pedersen recently had knee surgery. We caught up with the PBA Hall of Famer and asked him how he's doing...

Question - How did the operation go and what specifically did you have done?

Randy Pedersen - The procedure I had done is a new robotic surgery called Makoplasty. It's only been around for about three years. It is considered a partial knee replacement done with a robotic arm.

Q - How long has your knee been affecting your performance? When is the last time you bowled pain free?

RP - The last time I bowled pain free was about three to four years ago. I had my second knee surgery two years ago for a torn meniscus. That surgery left the inside part of the knee bone on bone which ended any chance of bowling.

Q - How long is the recovery time and when can you compete again?

RP - The recovery time is about four to five months, only because the quadricep muscle is weak; the joint itself is perfect now.

Q - What are your plans for competition and how seriously will your comeback be?

RP - I would like to be able to bowl whenever I want. Starting with the Majors. I would really like to bowl the Tournament of Champions. But I'm going to need a lot of time to practice and I'm not going to be ready for the World Series of Bowling.

Q - Are you looking forward to the upcoming tour season? Anything new the viewers can expect? 

RP - Yes I am. TV will be a lot different and I'm looking forward to that challenge. 


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