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Storm Nation - December 26, 2014 Crux: 1st Night-825, 2nd night-300-814

Crux: 1st Night-825, 2nd night-300-814

Name: Chuck Herman

Storm Product: Crux

Accomplishment: Chuck Herman bowled a 290, 277, 258 for an 825 series during the Dec 22-14 Men's Major League soon after getting it drilled. The next night, he shoots a 257,300, 257 for an 814 during the Dec 23-14 Adult/Youth league. Man, woman and child does this ball hit like a run away locomotive. It keeps the pins low and POOF they're gone !! Back to Back 800's has got me feeling quite proud of Storm Bowling Balls. 

Pro Shop/Driller: Pleasure Lanes/Jerry Pomplun

Bowling Center: Pleasure Lanes-Broken Bow, NE

"Special Thanks goes out to Jerry for his great work and helping me improve my game ! Strike hard... Strike often !!"

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