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Storm Nation - November 29, 2015 !Q Tour 30 review by Mike Craig

!Q Tour 30 review by Mike Craig

Name: Mike Craig

Storm Product: IQ Tour 30

Accomplishment: Layout = 65 x 5 x 35 - one of my favorite layouts. This layout gets me a decent amount of flare potential with the weight block at a good versatile angle with potential to weight hole it for more flare if needed. I have been able to use the !QT-30 on a couple of league conditions and side by side with a couple of recent releases. On my normal house pattern, it is long and strong. Good push thru the front with a sneaky strong back end reaction. Putting it side by side with the Sky Rocket, a similar type release, and it gets a little more length but comparable back end. The energy at the break point is where I see a difference in the !Q30. The Sky Rocket has a higher diff and can use that energy earlier to make the turn where as the !QT-30 still have that energy at the pins. For me to get better staging of these 2 balls, I'm going to have to put the SR at 3000 and leave the !QT-30 at box. This will separate the energy at the break point where they will be sequenced perfectly in my line up. I also put it up against the !Q Tour Fusion (!QF). As expected the !QF is much earlier on the lane at the break point. It is at least a 4 n 2 or 6 n 3 move left compared to the !QT-30. They do both have the same motion at the pins so another ball that can be sequenced into an arsenal. Drill one of these up and it should fit perfectly into how you sequence your arsenal. And also don't be afraid to use the abralon pads to get you separation in your arsenals. Modify message

Pro Shop/Driller: Singerz Shop - Mike Craig

Bowling Center: Sequoia Pro Bowl

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