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Storm Nation - July 3, 2015 Tony Balabbo 31st Perfect Game

Tony Balabbo 31st Perfect Game

Name: Anthony balabbo

Storm Product: Storm Byte / Crux Pearl

Accomplishment: Despite having a right eye conjunctivitis, I managed to shot my 31st perfect game on Late Faisal Ramadan Bowling Tournament held in Funland Bowling Centre, Bahrain (07/03/2015). Shot 248, 217, 300. Series of 765 using Storm Byte on right lane, Storm Crux Pearl on right lane. Don't let weakness and physical handicap limit what you can achieve. Perseverance, determination, attitude and passion can transform your weakness to strength.

Pro Shop/Driller: Pro Shop 300 / Moty

Bowling Center: Funland Bowling Centrr, Bahrain

"IMAGINE with your mind, BELIEVE with your heart, ACHIEVE with your might!"

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