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Storm Nation - November 26, 2014 Gauvin’s 800 series with the Hy-Road Pearl

Gauvin’s 800 series with the Hy-Road Pearl

Name: Chris Gauvin

Storm Product: Hy-Road Pearl

Accomplishment: During Scratch League competition on November 25th, Storm Advisory Staff member Chris Gauvin rolled his 16th career sanctioned 800 series (236, 289, and 279 for an 802) on the USBC White Pattern.

Pro Shop/Driller: DJ’s Pro Shop, Auburn, MA (Chris drills his own equipment)

Bowling Center: AMF Auburn Ten Pin

""The balls within Storm’s Thunder line have been a staple in my arsenal since I threw my first 300 game with a Black Thunder™ back in college! The Hy-Road Pearl continues to be a go-to ball for me and I have several in my bag with different layouts and surfaces. I only wish that I started the night with this ball; after a questionable start (2 splits) I switched to one of my trusted Hy-Road Pearls in the 3rd frame and I just kept on striking. Thanks again to the gang in Utah for making the best products on the market today! ""

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