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Storm Nation - January 26, 2014 First 300 Game!

First 300 Game!

Name: mark winkel

Storm Product: Virtual Gravity Nano

Accomplishment: On 1-25-14, I finally bowled my first 300 game of my life with a Virtualy Gravity Nano. The first game I bowled a 256, my second was a 163. At that point i thought i blew a seven hundred series. But then went on in the third game to throw my first ever 300. The funny thing is one of the other bowlers asked me about the 8th frame if I have ever bowled a 300 game before. I laughed and told her no, and advised her that is one thing you never ask a person who is on the verge of bowling a 300, because you usually put the hex on them. I would like to thank storm for making great balls, will be the only brand i will buy from now on.

Pro Shop/Driller: Mikes Pro Shop

Bowling Center: Saxon Lanes - Little Canada

"I will never buy another brand of bowling balls ever."

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