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Storm Nation - January 9, 2014 IQ Tour Edition is a Beast!

IQ Tour Edition is a BEAST!!

Name: Joseph Gourneau

Storm Product: IQ Tour Solid

Accomplishment: On December 30 2013 I threw my first 800 of the year. An 810 series with games of 247 - 263 - 300 in league. 5 days later I bowled another league and threw a 299 my last game of the night for a 773 series. The very next day I bowled a tournament and first game out of the gate was another 299 followed by a 278 and a 279 for a career high series of 856! I used the IQ Tour Edition for the whole tournament and shot 2365 for All Events Scratch! Also a career high in All Events Scratch! Then on January 8 I threw the IQ Tour Edition again in league and threw another 300 game (4th in the year) with a 773 series! 

Bowling Center: Village bowl/mockingbird lanes

"The IQ Tour Edition is a beast and love this ball! For that short amount of time, that is a lot of accomplishments!"

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