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Storm Nation - January 2, 2014 40 Years in the Making...

40 Years in the Making...

Name: Brian Mitchell

Storm Product: IQ

Accomplishment: During Monday night men's league Bob Tomlinson rolled his first 300 game. Bob has been bowling league for over 40 years and was seriously doubting if he'd ever get his first 300. After rolling the first 10 he was convinced that a stuborn 8 or 9 pin would surely spoil his party yet again. He let number 11 go and got a good break as it when high, but still managed to get all ten down. After releasing his last ball he immediately turned around, he didn't want to watch it. He didn't have to wait long as the spectators erupted and he earned his first perfect game.

Bowling Center: BZ - Heather Ridge

" Way to go Bob!"

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