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Storm Nation - September 24, 2013 Storm Hy-Road™ Pearl Review

Storm Hyroad Pearl Review

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Storm Hy-Road Pearl

Accomplishment: Storm Hy-Road™ Pearl Review

Pro Shop/Driller: Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal Lanes Strike N Spare - Paducah, KY

"Storm Hy Road Pearl PAP – 5 over and ½ up Ball Speed: 15-17 mph Rev Rate 300-350 Right Handed Layout: 4x4x2 Surface Preparation: OTB What I wanted from this Ball: A compliment to my Hy Road with the same overall reaction but more length. Result: Exactly what I expected. A really clean roll throughout the front portion of the lanes with a strong finish on the backend.. I tested this ball on our typical house shot which is a non forgiving pattern. 18ft of gutter to gutter oil and buffed another 12ft. Keep in mind, we also have wood lanes. Our typical house shot is pretty tough and over a period of 6 games, an out of bounds forms on the lanes and a dry middle creating over under effect. The first 3 games on a fresh oil pattern, I found this ball to work well playing our dryer mid section of the lanes and not getting it out past 10. I was impressed by the hitting power and I was able to actually read the transaction from the heads of the lane to the middle lane portion. This ball kept its strength and actually seemed to pick up pace and become really strong on its way back to the pocket. . The next set of games, I moved out with the ball and played more of an up 5 board shot. I did like how the I could utilize the front end oil and still get this ball back to the pocket with force with a great clean front end motion. I did have to stay up the back of the ball more than usual for me to play this angle however due to how strong of a backend reaction I had, but this was to be expected. Over another 5-10 game spread, I moved deep inside and started to swing the ball out as much as our house shot would allow. Keep in mind that we do have a 5 board out of bounds normally starting at the first arrow. I was able to rev the ball up more and get hard hitting reaction I wanted playing the fourth arrow out to about 8. I have the Hyroad and can definitely say that this ball is an absolute fantastic compliment.. Overall opinion: An awesome pearl ball. I highly recommend this ball to anyone for a dryer lane condition. This ball is a big seller in my Pro Shop with no complaints. Sean Baker Roto Grip/Storm Pro Shop Staff"

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