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Storm Nation - September 3, 2013 The Super Super Natural!

The Super Super Natural!

Name: Toney Nelson

Storm Product: Super Natural

Accomplishment: 20+300 games and about a dozen 800 series with a high of 857.

Pro Shop/Driller: Break Point ProShop

Bowling Center: AMF Circle Lanes

"This ball truly clears the heads like a urethane but hits like a solid reactive. Layout on mine is label 3.5 x 4 with 3000 abralon. Everyone is always surprised to hear it’s a urethane. Nothing works better after everything burns up 8 games in on a tournament pattern or on a short sport pattern. It drives through the pins coming off the dry corner. Does not over hook and at 3000, it doesn’t over skid. Highly recommended for tournaments."

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