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Storm Nation - August 28, 2013 Storm Marvel-S™ Ball Review

Storm Marvel-S Ball Review

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Marvel-S

Accomplishment: Storm Marvel-S Ball Review by Sean Baker

Pro Shop/Driller: Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal Lanes Strike N Spare

"Storm Marvel-S PAP-5 over and ½ up. Ball Speed: 15-17 mph. Rev Rate: 300-500. Right Handed. Layout: 4 x 4 x 2 Surface Preparation: OTB. What I wanted from this ball: When the lanes have a ton of oil and I cant get a good backend reaction, I wanted this ball to skid throughout the front portion of the lane with a strong continuous backend reaction throughout the pins. Result: Exactly what I expected from this ball on heavy oil. Compared to the previous Marvel balls, The ball for me does exactly what I wanted it to do. The cover is strong enough to give me the extreme backend reaction I wanted on heavy oil conditions while the symmetrical core allows to get the ball down the lanes with ease. Compared to the Marvel and the Marvel Pearl, this ball is an absolute compliment to the series. I tested this ball on our home wood lanes with our house pattern. Our house pattern is a pretty tough shot with dryer heads in the middle portion of the lane creating a huge early backend reaction for most and a massive out of bounds from the first arrow out. There is a small hold area around the 8 board but you cant miss inside or out. The first set of 3 games on a freshly oiled pair, I played a much deeper shot that usual on our house condition. I stayed around 20 and sent the ball out to 5 where normally I would not get a ball back and it would hang up in the out of bounds. Not this ball! The Marvel-S came roaring back to the pocket with full force and had a strong continuation throughout the pins. The next set of three games, I had to actually move right since our house pattern pushes down somewhat and creates a larger over under reaction. Without thinking much, I simply made a five board move to the right with my feet and moved my mark to the 15 board and continued to swing out to five. The Marvel S came through for me once again by giving me great front end length and a strong reaction out of the oil and back to the pocket. I continued to move right and left over the course of the next 10 games and found that this ball is much too much for me once the front end oil dries up, but this is exactly what I expected from this ball. To sum this ball up, I am extremely satisfied with the reaction this ball gives out of heavy oil and or out of bounds conditions. The Marvel-S does exactly as expected and is an oil eating machine! Pro Shop Reaction: A great selling ball with a great look and price. My customers are very satisfied with this ball! Recommendations: I would definitely recommend this ball to anyone wanting a strong backend reaction and a great clean roll through the heads. Storm/Roto Grip Staff Sean Baker Bowl Like a Pro Shop Paducah, Ky 42001"

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