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Storm Nation - August 22, 2013 300 With IQ™ Tour Pearl!

300 With IQ™ Tour Pearl!

Name: mark eli

Storm Product: IQ Tour Pearl

Accomplishment: It's been a few months since my last posting of a 300. On 8/12/13, the last night of my summer league, I had been throwing one of my SYNC's the 1st game. Then I switched to my IQ Tour Pearl for the second and third games. I shot 300. The SYNC and the IQ Tour Pearl have been a perfect one-two punch. The IQ Tour Pearl is one of Storm's best bowling balls to date. Everyone should have one in their bag. I also shot 299 two days later with a SYNC I drilled from the new VLS System. 

Pro Shop/Driller: Tevis Stambaugh

Bowling Center: Expo Bowl

"Thanks Storm for making the best bowling balls in the world! MARK ELI ( Amateur Staff )"

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