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Storm Nation - June 24, 2013 Reign™ of Power Ball Review

Freakin Frantic Ball Review

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Reign of Power

Accomplishment: 700 series out of the box and I give this ball an awesome review!

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowl Like A Pro Shop/Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal Lanes Strike N Spare Paducah, KY

"Storm Reign of Power PAP – 5 over and ½ up Ball Speed: 15-17 mph Rev Rate 300-350 Right Handed Layout: 5 x 5 x 2.5 Surface Preparation: OOB (1000 grit Abralon) What I wanted from this Ball: I expected this ball to get down the lane easily even with 1000 grit abralon surface. I wanted the same C.A.M. core reaction I got with the past Thunder Line. Result: Exactly what I expected. The Reign of Power got down the lane easily and gave me a very predictable read of the lane while being strong and continuous on the backend. I tested this ball on our typical house shot which is a non forgiving pattern. 18ft of gutter to gutter oil and buffed another 12ft. Keep in mind, we also have wood lanes. Our typical house shot is pretty tough and over a period of 6 games, an out of bounds forms on the lanes and a dry middle creating over under effect. The first 3 games on a fresh oil pattern, I found this ball to allow me to either tighten my normal line of 15-8 up to 12-8 and even play out to 5 where normally our out of bounds starts. I went back and forth from a straighter line to the pocket to swinging this ball a bit and kept my strong backend motion and awesome hitting power. The next 3 game set, I went back to my target area of 15-8 and continued to wear the pins out. I was amazed at how this ball kept its hard roll through the pins and took the 10 pin out with little effort. I also noticed that my lighter hits or late hits still seemed to take the 10 pin out. My last game I actually threw more up the lane playing 10-5 and continued to hit the pocket. Normally this area of the lane is out of bounds by 3 games. Much to my satisfaction, I could play this area with ease. I am very impressed with how easily this ball travels down the lane to the pocket. I have used this ball in league two nights and shot no less than 700 with a high of 752. I definitely will rely on this ball when the lanes are over reacting in the mid lane and I want ease of getting the ball through the heads, also It works awesome for me playing straighter to the pocket. Definitely the ball I will use when corner pins seem to be an issue. Overall opinion: Fantastic! The T-Road line is back in full force! A definite ball to recommend to any bowler walking into my pro shop. Sean Baker - Roto Grip/Storm Pro Shop Staff"

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