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Storm Nation - April 24, 2013 Good Finish to the Night!

Good Finish to the Night

Name: Jason Williams

Storm Product: Fringe

Accomplishment: Bowling in a Tuesday scratch league on a modified shot, I had a great finish to the night. I started off with the Nano, playing up the boards for the first 2 1/2 games, shooting 216, 233, and finished off the last half of game three with my Fringe for 222. I made a small adjustment left with my feet, still using the Fringe, and finished off the night with a 290 game and 961 for the night.

Pro Shop/Driller: Alan Cook - Advanced Bowling Concepts

Bowling Center: Sparetime Lanes

"Thank You Storm for making such great products. This has been a good year. I shot my first 800, shot 834 for the last three games of a 5 game set, and have shot 288, 289 in another league the last 2 weeks, all with Storm. Can't wait to see some of the newer gear that comes out."

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