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Storm Nation - April 17, 2013 Duane - Most Improved Bowler (11 years old)

Duane - Most Improved Bowler (11 years old)

Name: Del Helms-Boyd

Storm Product: Storm - Tropical Heat

Accomplishment: Duane started bowling in January, 2012. He really hadn't bowled much before, but he decided he wanted to join a league. So he started bowling at the age of 10 on a Jr. League on Saturday mornings. When he first started, he was hardly shooting 30 pins per game. But with hard work, determination, the support of his family and everyone on the league, that all changed. This season, he started working with his Jr. League coach more on getting the basics down. After working several weeks, it was determined that he should be using a new ball from what he had been. So Duane was moved up to a 12lb. "Storm Tropical Heat" ball. Once he did, his game improved drastically. He is now averaging 100+ pins per game with a high score this season of 145. But the most impressive fact is that he is also up for the most improved bowler award out of anyone in his league. Since using his new Storm ball, he is up a whopping 17.07 pins for the season! He has two more weeks of league bowling until he will find out if he can hold onto that lead. If so, we will post an update! We truly believe that the combination of hard work, determination and the right ball, has made all the difference in the world! Thanks STORM!

Pro Shop/Driller: Left & Right Pro Shop - John Hommes

Bowling Center: Brunswick Zone - Blaine, Minnesota

""Let em' fly!""

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