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Storm Nation - April 10, 2013 Jeff Griffith Puts Up First 22 with Storm SYNC™!

Jeff Griffith Puts Up First 22

Name: Jeffrey Griffith

Storm Product: Storm Sync

Accomplishment: Coming out of the gate with the first 22 after practice made for a very exciting evening! With Games of 300 - 289 - 237 for a big 826 series! I've used your products for the last 4 plus years and none have disappointed!...esspecially the Storm Sync! This ball clears the heads with ease and definitely packs a punch through the pins! 

Pro Shop/Driller: Bullet's Pro Shop/ Jeffrey Griffith

Bowling Center: Highland Lanes

"Good products in the hands of good bowlers make for great scores. Another homerun from the best ball company on the planet! Thanks Guys for another fantastic ball!!!"

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