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Storm Nation - April 9, 2013 Tommy Kalb Strikes Gold!

Tommy Kalb Strikes Gold!

Name: Jeffrey Griffith

Storm Product: Storm IQ Tour Pearl

Accomplishment: Tommy strung together games of 224 - 300 - 234 for a 758 at the OSBA State Tournament on April, 6th. Tommy was using the STORM IQ Tour Pearl all three games which was layed out and drilled by his good friend Chris Priode at Champions Pro Shop III in Ironton, Ohio. The ball was layed out using the Storm V.L.S. and has rolled fantastic for Tommy! He has doubled his current honor scores this year Using balls layed out with the system!!!

Pro Shop/Driller: Champions III Pro Shop / Chris Priode

Bowling Center: Shamrock Lanes

"Awesome shooting!"

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