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Storm Nation - April 9, 2013 The Goose and his Golden Egg

The Goose and his Golden Egg

Name: Storm Staff

Storm Product: IQ Tour Pearl

Accomplishment: Ernest "Goose" Spriggs has found his golden egg in the IQ Tour Pearl. Lets recap the last 30 days real quick. On March 11 he shot 300-844 at Parkland Lanes. March 20 at AMF Laurel Lanes he shot 290-823. Then last night, April 8, he posted 299-259-258-816 with his golden egg at Parkland Bowl.

Pro Shop/Driller: Crofton Classic Pro Shop - Norbert Taylor

Bowling Center: Parkland Bowl (District Heights, MD)

"Ernest won this ball at a 40 Boards & A Ball tournament; Storm is the sponsor of choice for 40 Boards. Many, many thanks!!!"

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