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Storm Nation - April 6, 2013 Scratch Trio Series.. City Record!

Scratch Trio Series.. City Record!

Name: sean ambrose

Storm Product: Lucid, Frantic, IQ Tour

Accomplishment: Bakersfield, California city record for scratch series from a trio team! This past Monday night some super bowling at AMF Southwest Lanes from Team 10 in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league! The trio team posted scratch games of 814 - 728 - 741 for a total of 2283. Sean Ambrose bowled a 299 to help achieve their 814 for game one. Zack Newman, a 258 to help achieve 728 for game two. Newman rolled a 267 for game three to get their 741. Individually, Diz Francisco had a 737 series; Sean Ambrose a 755 and Zack Newman a 791. All three were throwing Storm bowling balls--Francisco the new IQ Tour, Ambrose used his Lucid and Newman threw his Frantic and later changed to the IQ Tour. Also adding to the excitement of this night, Ambrose's 299 game and 755 series are his career highest ever! He credits the improvement to his change over to Storm equipment. Ambrose, a former youth bowler, has just gotten back into the sport of bowling the last two years. This trio team could possibly hold the City Record for high scratch series!!

Pro Shop/Driller: Robb's Pro Shop/ Robb White

Bowling Center: AMF Southwest Lanes

"Great bowling!"

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