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Storm Nation - April 5, 2013 Youth Bowler Fires 300 Consecutive Weeks on 2 Different Sport Patterns!

Youth Bowler fires 300 on consecutive weeks on 2 different sport patterns

Name: Leanne Hulsenberg

Storm Product: Modern Marvel/SYNC

Accomplishment: On March 23, 2013, 18 year old youth bowler Nick Duplan rolled his second career 300 game while bowling in the Team USA Sport Trios league on the Stockholm pattern. Nick was using his Modern Marvel. The very next week, he did it again! He rolled another 300 on a different pattern, the Montreal pattern and was using his new SYNC.

Pro Shop/Driller: The Strike Shop/Gary Hulsenberg

Bowling Center: Steve Cook's Fireside Lanes

""What Nick just accomplished is awesome! It is a testament to all of his hard work as he is our hardest working youth bowler, practicing 5 days a week and constantly striving to learn new things and get better at his game. I really enjoy coaching Nick and think he has a bright future in our sport." Gary Hulsenberg, Nick's coach"

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