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Storm Nation - March 22, 2013 Shawn Kinson Racks Up 300 - 800

Shawn Kinson Racks Up 300 - 800

Name: Mike Craig

Storm Product: Crossroad

Accomplishment: Shawn Kinson rolled 300-817 with a Crossroad. Shawn started his set with the 300 perfecto and put together games of 279 and 238 for his high 3 game set of 817. Shawn joins his 2 teammates who also have shot 300 this season.

Pro Shop/Driller: SingerZ Shop - Mike Craig

Bowling Center: Palace Lanes

"I used to throw nothing but Lanemasters. I met my new ball driller, Storm Products staff member Mike Craig, and he suggested a couple of Storm balls to improve my arsenal with. Both balls are winners and I look forward to putting more Storm in my arsenal. What else would I expect from The Bowlers Company?"

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March, 2013