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Storm Nation - March 13, 2013 Bruce Ward is Golden with Gold Ball!

Bruce Ward is Golden with Gold Ball!

Name: bruce ward

Storm Product: IQ TOUR PEARL

Accomplishment: I bowl in a for fun only mixed league and have been using an older Storm SS. I have always really liked the SS and was really bummed when it was discontinued. On 3-11-13 I barrowed a close friend's IQ™ Tour Pearl and even with it being drilled and fitted for him, I couldn't believe how the IQ put all of the pins in the pit. With my own ball I bowled a 183 the first game. Just for kicks I picked up my friend'd IQ pearl in the fourth frame of the second game and shot a 223. I used it for the 3rd game and shot a 268. Needless to say, I will have my own IQ PEARL very soon. 

Pro Shop/Driller: Paladium pro-shop in Alice, Texas

Bowling Center: Paladium Bowling Center

"Amazing finish on the back end. Thanks Storm for an incredible product!"

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