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Storm Nation - March 9, 2013 The Good, The Bad and The Amazing!

The Good, The Bad and The Amazing!

Name: Brian Mitchell

Storm Product: IQ Tour Edition

Accomplishment: During men's league, Brian Mitchell started out the night in fine fashion with a perfect 300 game. Game two he was not too shabby either with a 279. Needing only a 221 game for a 800 series, things were looking great as he had 191 through 9 working on a strike. Well that's when it went all wrong with the first ball in the 10th... he left a 4-7-10 split. The center let out a big grumble, as for certain, there went any hopes for the 800 series. Or did it? As he got up to shoot at the spare, he drove the 4 - pin to the side wall knocking out the 7 - pin and slid it across the deck to take out the 10 - pin. The place erupted! But wait a minute...the game was not over and he needed to strike on his next ball in order to get the 800. The last ball of the night was dead flush sending all 10 pins in the pit. The place erupted again and Brian made his 800 series on the number.

Pro Shop/Driller: Justin Liebetrau

Bowling Center: Brunswick Zone Heather Ridge

"What a memorable night."

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