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Storm Nation - March 7, 2013 Beverly Wirth-Sapp Fires 299 with T-Road Pearl™!

Beverly Wirth-Sapp Fires 299 with T-Road Pearl™!

Name: Beverly Wirth-Sapp

Storm Product: T-Road Pearl

Accomplishment: February 21, 2013 First 299, first 11 in a row for Beverly Wirth-Sapp! 

Pro Shop/Driller: Alan Cook

Bowling Center: Spare Time Lanes

"I want to thank Alan Cook for drilling my T-Road Pearl and providing me with the instruction to improve my game. I have taken two Bowling Boot Camps from him and my confidence level has improved. The little things make the biggest difference. I never thought I'd ever shoot an honor score much less 299. I am a 183 average bowler. Last season I ended with a 177. Knowing you are capable, and keeping that confidence through out your game, makes a huge difference. Having Alan in my corner to remind me of the little things means a lot. Thanks again Alan and Storm bowling for providing me with the equipment to out perform even my wildest dreams."

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March, 2013