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Storm Nation - February 11, 2013 Danielle Johnson Rolls Hy-Road™ - Two time Box of Chocolates Champ!

Danielle Johnson, 2 time Box of Chocolates champ

Name: Storm Staff

Storm Product: Hy-Road

Accomplishment: Danielle Johnson, the inaugural Box of Chocolates ladies champion found her way back to winners circle. Qualifying was led by Latise Baker with +47 for 6 games but Dannie was discouraged having qualified second. After watching Casandra Shivers defeat Stephanie Dyson and Karla Pereira, Dannie placed a sleeper hold on her opponents. Dannie was armed with the Hy-Road. (1) Danielle Johnson (2) Latise Baker - Sync & Defiant Soul,(3) Cassandra Shivers (4) Karla Pereira - IQ Tour (5) Stephanie Dyson (6) Debbie Myers-Barnes - Defiant.

Bowling Center: The Lanes Ft. Meade

"Congratulations Dannie on your second Box of Chocolates win!!! Box of Chocolates is run by 40 Boards & A Ball, a Storm sponsored tournament organization."

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February, 2013