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Storm Nation - January 25, 2013 First 800 with Fringe!

First 800!!!

Name: Chris Etchieson

Storm Product: Fringe

Accomplishment: Once again thanks to Storm for making the best bowling balls money can buy! Last night in the Pepsi Classic League Plano Superbowl, Plano, TX., I shot games of 255-277-298 for an 830 with my Storm Fringe. That is three honor scores for me this year with that bowling ball. 

Pro Shop/Driller: Bill Fong/Bowling Medic

Bowling Center: Plano Superbowl

"I dedicate this to a good friend no longer with us... Danny Westbrook. Before he passed this past October, he helped me with my game. That short 15 minute session changed my bowling for good. He was always there for you when you needed someone and gave his heart to everything he touched. He is greatly missed and will always be remembered and appreciated. Thanks to my friends Danny Westbrook, Bill Fong and Storm Bowling products accomplishing something like this in the game I love. Danny Westbrook "Always a Hero""

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