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Storm Nation - January 21, 2013 Greg "GB" Boykin Shoots Amazing 796 Series With Vivid™!

Greg "GB" Boykin Shoots Amazing 796 Series With Vivid™!

Name: Greg Boykin

Storm Product: Vivid

Accomplishment: While bowling in the Greater Tampa Bowling Association 2013 USBC Sanctioned Men's Tournament on Sunday, January 20, 2013 at Pinchasers Midtown in Tampa Florida, Greg "GB" Boykin rolls a 299, 258, and 239 for a 796 series with the Storm Vivid. He took the competition by STORM!!!

Pro Shop/Driller: Sardegna's Pro Shop

Bowling Center: Pinchasers Midtown

"I recently switched to Storm Products and it has increased my average and provided a consistent roll. This ball was amazing that day. This is my second 299 with this ball. Next time it will knock down the last pin for perfection."

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