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Storm Nation - January 18, 2013 Dream Comes True Throwing The GOLD!

Dream comes true while throwing the GOLD

Name: Bob Charney

Storm Product: IQ Tour Pearl

Accomplishment: This last Monday while bowling in the Pony League at Brunswick Zone Glendale I finally realized my dream of shooting my first 800 series. I left two 10 pins in the first game for 258 and then proceeded to shoot back to back 300's for an 858 series. It has taken me a couple of days to come down from the fact that I finally did it. I have been throwing Storm a long time and all of my honor scores except for my 1st 300 back in 1998 have all been shot using Storm products. This series was shot exclusively with the IQ Tour Pearl. My God, what a ball. The ball has incredible backend while remaining very controllable. I am probably going to get another one and save it. Thanks Storm for making such great products. You have made alot of great balls over the years, but for me this one is the GOLD standard.

Pro Shop/Driller: B.C.'s Pro Shop / Bob Charney (myself)

Bowling Center: Brunswick Zone Glendale (AZ)

"After I shot the first 300 a friend of mine came down and said "Stay in the frame and execute, don't worry about the score" (Tom Frigon). I knew this, but him reminding me really made it sink in. Thanks, Tom. Thanks to evyone that was near us on the lanes it what truly a memorable night, for me, probably a once in a lifetime night."

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