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Storm Nation - January 15, 2013 Bruce Postel Fires 722 with Lucid™

Bruce Postel Fires 722 with Lucid™

Name: Louie Wemett

Storm Product: Lucid

Accomplishment: While bowling in the men's league on Wednesday January 9, 2013 at AMF Strike N Spare Lanes in Independence, MO., Bruce Postel rolls a 253, 300 and 219 for a 772 series with the Storm Lucid.

Pro Shop/Driller: BP'S Pro Shops

Bowling Center: AMF Strike N Spare Lanes

""I have always been loyal to Storm and Storm equipment has always been loyal to me". Since I started rolling the Lucid I have averaged over 240 with this ball the last eight weeks. This ball is amazing! I have tossed over eight 700 series with it in the last eight weeks. Thank you STORM!"

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