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Storm Nation - December 7, 2012 First 800 Series

First 800 Series

Name: jason Fujimoto

Storm Product: Marvel Pearl, Fire Road, Fringe

Accomplishment: On Dec 2, 2012 at Fort Shafter Bowling Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii, I bowled my first 800 series. I shot games of 296, 266, 241 for an 803 series. I threw the first 11 and then a 6 count for the 296, then started the 2nd game with front 5 strikes, 9 count open, then 4 strikes and a 9 count for 266 The 3rd game  I started with spare, turkey, 7 count split open, spare, then off the sheet for a 241!

Pro Shop/Driller: Exxxtreme 300 Pro Shop/ Wes Flores

Bowling Center: Fort Shafter

"This was one of my most memorable moments in bowling and one of my greatest accomplishments."

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