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Storm Nation - December 1, 2012 A Bet and Marvel Pearl™!

Name: larry wheeler

Storm Product: Marvel Pearl

Accomplishment: 300 with Marvel Pearl!

Pro Shop/Driller: Pinole Bowlers Supply

Bowling Center: Pinole Bowl

"Well first I'd like to thank Storm Bowling and Garret Richarson for drilling another great ball. I was in league tonight and was just going to work on my game this week. Well that changed when a high school buddy of mine showed up out of the blue. I had not seen him in years. We were talking and I finished up my first game with a 221. Going into the next game, my buddy was talking some smack. It did not phase me. In the 5th or six frame frame my friend bet me a drink that I would not strike out. I accepted and struck out for a 268. He was mad, but I told him to stick around. I told him  I was going to shoot 300. He said no way. After I shot the front five he walked away and when he came back he found out I shot 300. I told him so!"

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