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Storm Nation - November 17, 2012 Back to Back 300's/800's with Storm!

Back to Back 300s/800s

Name: Matthew O'Grady

Storm Product: Reign Supreme/Hy-Road

Accomplishment: 300-820 in Challenge shot league on WTBA Athens pattern 40' 11/15/12 Following night, 300-826 on Brunswick Rhino Pattern 37' 11/16/12

Pro Shop/Driller: Strike City Proshop N.Brunswick, NJ

Bowling Center: BZ Hazlet/ BZ Carolier

Bowling Average: 241

"On consecutive league nights on challenging patterns, perfection was achieved with the awesome products from Storm! On Thursday on WTBA Athens pattern, I used a Reign Supreme just left of track area for 278. Transition forced a change to Hy Road and big move left in 5th frame of 2nd game. Did not miss the rest of the night, 20 in-a-row, 242-300 for 820. Less than 24 hours later at a different bowling center on Brunswick's Challenge Pattern Rhino, immediately went to the Reign Supreme, logging scores of 258, 300, 268, with 21 in-a-row in between for 826. Overall 64 strikes out of 72 possible!"

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