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Storm Nation - October 23, 2012 Kansas Storm Team Qualifies for National Award!

Name: Skip Wilson

Storm Product: Hy Road / Fire Road

Accomplishment: Skip's Pro Shop shot a 2272 for a three game, three man series in the Wendy's Peterson Point Scratch League. This qualifies them for a USBC national award. Balls thrown, Hy-Road, Hy-Road and Fire Road. Herb Halinski 769, Terry Story 780 and Captain Skip Wilson 722.

Pro Shop/Driller: Skip's Pro Shop / Skip Wilson

Bowling Center: Starlite Lanes

Bowling Average: 232

"Most consistent equipment we have ever thrown. We have all thrown Storm equipment for years and Storm continues to stay ahead of the competition with innovative products. Thanks Storm for keeping us one step ahead of the competition. Team Captain Skip Wilson has been throwing the Fire Road all season and has already had 2 300’s and an 806 series."

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October, 2012